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Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (rh).

Question and Answer Session held on 29th January 1995 part 2

Q1 @ 00:05 We have been brought up as Christians and we trust the evidence through Jesus. How do you exchange this trust in Islam?

Q2 @ 3:15 Ahmadiyya movement started in 1889, what was the time when it was found that there is a difference from the mainstream Muslims?

Q3 @ 12:28 A school teacher asks how to solve ethical problems by going to some authority other than Quran and Hadith?

Q4 @ 17:20 I saw a poster on a butchers shop that Ahmadis/Qadians are Kaffir, why is that?

Q5 @ 21:45 Prophet Muhammad’s(saw) Hadith says that Jews were divided into 72 sects and Muslims will be divided into 73 sects.

Q6 @ 29:12 Do you believe that all paths may lead to God?

Q7 @ 30:30 I read a book Murder in the name of Allah from a library and it was written on it that this man is not a Muslim! My question is extension of compassion to other God’s creatures. Should the animals be pre-stunned before sacrifice? Would Moses and Muhammad(saw) be vegetarian if they living today?

Q8 @ 42:05 I believe Islam is a forward looking way of life, therefore Islam is compatible with modern way of life with science and technology and so on. Then there is a Maududi version of Islam. My question is in media Islam is being presented as fundamentalist (as if it has nothing to offer to the world as way of life). How do you read the situation?

Q9 @ 59:05 When do you plan to come to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah?