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Question and Answer Session held on 29th January 1995 part 1


Q1 @ 00:30 Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian show any miracles like Jesus Christ?

Q2 @ 12:10 How can Western women adjust to the traditions of Islam with its strict beliefs and no rights? [allowance of marriage of men to four wives]

Q3 @ 22:50 Can you help me find God?

Q4 @ 32:00 There is a story about 12 natural wells in an old book I read, but I hear there is one in Mecca as well?

Q5 @ 37:05 Please comment about a book and group in USA who says that religious leaders can solve the problems of conflict?

Q6 @ 44:20 What is in Islam and particularly in Ahmadiyya movement which is lacking in all other religions or paths for the spiritual and worldly improvement of mankind?

Q7 @ 55:40 There are people who are non-believers but they follow all the good things and commandments found in religion. How would they be dealt with at the Judgement Day? It is said that non-believers will be burnt in Hell?

Q8 @ 1:06:00 In Christianity we have reference to Holy Spirit. And we have 10 commandments. I want to know what is the law to follow in Islam?