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Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (rh).

Question and Answer Session held in UK on 18th November 1995

Question and Answer session with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (rh) Khalifatul Masih IV (Fourth Successor to the Promised Messiah (as)) held in London on 18th November 1995.

Q1 @ 00:00:51 Knowing the exception the birth of Jesus Christ, can we place him higher than other prophets?
Q2 @ 00:01:02 If the Christians place Jesus so high, what according to you is the reason that they deny him in their every day life and behavior?
Q3 @ 00:40:35 “Those who are pure of heart seek God”. What is your interpretation of the pure in heart?
Q4 @ 00:41:05 I read in Times a few weeks ago, “A charity in Sudan is buying back slaves captured by the Arab Militias and converting them to Islam. Are there any other forms of slavery in Islam?
Q5 @ 01:02:00 “We Christians believe in the second advent of Jesus son of Mary. I understand that Muslims also believe in the second advent of Jesus son of Mary. How do you explain that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed whom you believe to be the Promised Messiah when he is not the Jesus Son of Mary?
Q6 @ 01:09:00 There is a lot of suffering in the world of course. Will there ever be a time when people of different religions, different religious leaders will come together. And has this Messiah that you believe in, has he made any prophecies about the coming together of religions?
Q7 @ 01:12:15 My question is about the ascension of Jesus Christ. How real it is?
Q8 @ 01:31:20 Could you please throw some light on the divine authenticity of Bible and Quran and their preservation?
Q9 @ 01:38:30 Islam about Current Scientific experiment and development? Is there any mention of Atomic Energy in the Holy Quran?
Q10 @ 01:50:00 People are going to be judged according to their faith in Yaumul Qiyamah (the Day of Judgment). If I die now will I go on living in the grave till the day of Judgment or will I be taken to the heaven and live in Paradise. I want to know what will happen when I die?