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Question and Answer Session held on 8th January 1995 part 2

Q1 @ 0:05 If a mother has two sons and one is terminally ill and needs a 24 hour care, and mother spends more time with this child and healthy child is neglected. If mother stops the treatment of ill child to give attention to healthy child and as a result the ill child dies, have the mother committed a sin?

Q2 @ 3:11 What is the purpose of Ahmadiyya and what is the difference with others? Detailed response about Khatam-e-Nabuwat.

Q3 @ 26:35 How beneficial will be learning Urdu in developing countries like Africa?

Q4 @ 37:15 What is the evidence in the Holy Quran that there will be a Messiah?

Q5 @ 49:22 What is the solution for violence of Muslims against Muslims?

Q6 @ 53:02 Question about Imam Mahdi and Jesus.