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Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (rh).

Question and Answer Session held on 26th November 1994 part 2


Q1 @ 0:12 In America and UK there are Christian movements trying to influence elections and educational policies, what is our approach? [Detailed response on the conspiracies against Islam]

Q2 @ 26:35 What should we recite on Zuhr/Asr prayer after Surah Fateha as we do not know what the Imam is reciting?

Q3 @ 28:55 If Imam is traveller he offers two Raka’at in Zuhr and Asr prayer, and the local followers complete the prayer with four Raka’ats. But if imam is local and follower is a traveller he also completes the prayer with four Raka’ats. What is the wisdom in this?

Q4 @ 33:25 How one becomes a prophet or khalifa?

Q5 @ 36:13 What is the future of Middle East (Palestine) in light of the what’s happening these days?

Q6 @ 38:30 As a practicing Homeopath what do you say to those who say homeopathy is just a placebo effect?

Q7 @ 45:50 There have been some books published that say the carbon dating on the turin shroud were manipulated in some way?

Q8 @ 47:20 Question about National Lottery – and – When is an investment not a gamble?

Q9 @ 54:24 Music industry and TV channels have a huge influence and music is used for therapy as well. What is our policy on music?

Q10 @ 1:08:58 Is it allowed to put lottery machines?

Q11 @ 1:10:58 The technology is advancing at a rapid speed. Will there be any limit to this advancement?