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Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (rh).

Question and Answer Session held on 26th March 1995 part 2

@ 00:00 Often the Hadith is quoted that Mahdi is none other than Isa (Jesus) but then there are other Ahadith that speak similarly like there is no sword but Zulfiqar etc.

@ 19:20 What is the opinion of the classical scholars about your interpretation?

@ 31:23 There are five or six major religions in the world and each claim they have the pathway to God. Which religion is the right pathway to God?

@ 34:53 God is Omni present (is present everywhere). In Bible says God is in your innermost heart. In reality what is a man? If God is present and we do not deny the existence of God in man, what is a man?

@ 37:30 I believe in One God, and prophets and angels, books. One of the parent is Budhist and the other Christian but I cannot be one. I cannot accept Jesus was son of God. He was a prophet like Moses and Muhammad. And you rightly mention that interpretation is the problem not the books. Discussion on Christianity and Budhism. My inner beliefs are similar to Islam but I did not know that there are so many sects within Islam. The difference between Ahmadi Muslims and other Muslims.

@ 55:24 What are your views about Ahmadis should only marry Ahmadis?

@ 58:32 If I want to marry a white Christian?

@ 1:00:00 Question about women not present among men in the session. You must have read the story “6 blind men and the elephant”, which part of the elephant has Islam touched?

@ 1:16:24 I am a Catholic Christian. Earlier in response to a question you said that Christians claim monopoly on the pathway to God. We do not say that those who are not Christians are condemned to hell.