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Question and Answer Session held on 26th March 1995 part 1

@ 00:00 Comment about the title using Supreme Commander

@ 4:35 We believe Islam is a way of life. Do you think Islamic system can be applied without providing the economic, political and social system of Islam? If we pay attention to these we can overcome the crisis in Muslim world. What is your community doing in this regards?

@ 18:06 What is this “New World Order” being sung in the Western world? Where is Islam in this new world order? Is this not a verbal aggression against Islam?

@ 26:00 What should Muslims do about this?

@ 27:58 What is the difference between worship and prayer?

@ 35:15 How can you define Ahmadiyyat in the world of Islam?

@ 36:20 Do you see Ahmadis working together with other sects in Islam?