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Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (rh).

Question and Answer Session held on 12th March 1995 part 1

Q1 @ 0:05 Before the advent of Islam what was the religion of Holy Prophet (saw)? What was the faith of the families to whom the daughters of Holy Prophet (saw) were married to?

Q2 @ 4:50 The title of Ahmadiyya Khalifa is Khalifatul Masih, why is it not set as Khalitaful Masih and Mahdi. Also why not write Khalifatul Muslimeen when Promised Messiah was for the whole world? [ Why use Ahmadiyya title? ]

Q3 @ 10:20 Do you have any special relationship with God and any experience that you can share?

Q4 @ 18:50 Is there death penalty for blasphemy?

Q5 @ 20:25 What is the root cause of the sectarian conflicts between sunni and shia? And how peace and tranquility can be returned to the streets of Pakistan?

Q6 @ 29:35 There are so many sects in Islam and all claim they are the truthful. Which one is true?

Q7 @ 36:35 I have been to Saudi Arabia and many questions were raised regarding coming of Mahdi and you say he has already come, if you could educate me about the signs of Mahdi to prove it?