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Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (rh).

Liqa Ma’al Arab held on 11th April 1996

A regular sitting of Arabic speaking friends with Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad z(rh) Khalifatul Masih IV(Fourth Successor to the Promised Messiah (as)).  Recorded on 11th April 1996 in English and Arabic.



@ 00:42 Arabic Translation

@ 01:19 Introduction

@ 02:15 Arabic Translation

@ 03:13 Explanation in English

@ 04:19 Arabic Translation

@ 06:48 Arabic translation continues

@ 08:11 Question from Somalia. The belief that Jesus was taken bodily to heaven is against natural laws of God. How do you explain the fire which did not pain Hadrat Ibrahim(as) which was also against the natural laws of God?

@ 08:46 Question translated in Arabic

@ 09:30 Answer begins

@ 20:12 Arabic Translation

@ 22:50 Answer continues

@ 23:08 Arabic Translation

@ 23:57 Answer continues

@ 24:37 Arabic translation

@ 28:22 Question – Apart from the revelation received from God, what miracle did Masih-e-Maud(as) have in support of his claim as Messiah in the later days?

@ 28:53 Question translated in Arabic

@ 29:13 Answer begins