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Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (rh).

Liqa Ma’al Arab 16th August 1995 Question/Answer English/Arabic

A regular sitting of Arabic speaking friends with Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV(rh). Session no. 72, recorded on 16th August 1995 in English and Arabic.

00:00:00 English: Discussion on beating of woman.

00:02:00 Arabic Translation:

00:04:47 English: Discussion continue …Huzoor added, Alcohol as one of the most important factor for beating of woman.

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00:08:33 English: Discussion continue …

00:11:08 Arabic Translation:

00:12:55 English: Discussion continue… Huzoor added, Beating of woman in the Western World.

00:15:57 Arabic Translation:

00:18:55 English: Question : It is mentioned in Quran, Surah Al-Nisa, Chapter 4, Verse 4

مَثْنَى وَثُلَاثَ وَرُبَاعَ وَإِنْ خِفْتُمْ أَلَّا تُقْسِطُوا فِي الْيَتَامَى فَانْكِحُوا مَا طَابَ لَكُمْ مِنَ النِّسَاءِ

that marry one, two, three, four and what your right hands possess ( أَوْ مَا مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَانُكُمْ) is your right hands possess ,أَوْ مَا مَلَكَتْ أَيْمَانُكُم included in this four or above?

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00:22:28 English: Answer continue …

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00:23:18 English: Answer continue …

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00:25:04 English: Answer continue …

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00:28:30 English: Answer continue.. Huzoor added, Extra marital affair in West.

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00:32:33 English: Answer continue …

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