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Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (rh).

Liqa Ma’al Arab held on 20 July 1994

A regular sitting of Arabic speaking friends with Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV(rh). (Fourth Successor to the Promised Messiah (as).Recorded on 20th July 1994 in English and Arabic. Session no. 2.
@ 0:00:13 Introduction English
@ 0:05:22 Arabic Translation
@ 0:05:42 The Holy Quran mentioned in Surat Al-Anbiya’ the flowing verse “wa waina huma ila rabwatin jaati qararim wa mayeen” as Ahmadi Muslim we understand from this verse Hadhrat Isa(as) and His Mother were given a refuge by Allah after the crucifixion and in a place describe this verse we understand is Kashmir. Is there any historical record of revelation received by Hadhrat Isa(as) between the period he live in Kashmir as I do believe he was in a Holy mission there too and his status of as Nabi-ul-Allah was not taken away from him.
@ 0:06:28 Arabic Translation
@ 0:07:03 Answer in English
@ 0:07:51 Arabic Translation
@ 0:08:08 Answer Continues in English
@ 0:09:56 Arabic Translation
@ 0:10:47 Answer Continues in English
@ 0:12:54 Arabic Translation
@ 0:13:42 Answer Continues in English
@ 0:20:35 Arabic Translation
@ 0:22:32 Answer Continues in English
@ 0:22:39 Arabic Translation
@ 0:23:57 Answer Continues in English
@ 0:33:21 Arabic Translation
@ 0:37:53 English Translation
@ 0:38:50 Usually some Arab’s give certain signs of Imam Mahdi for instance his Name, his origin from among, the Prophet progeny being from Arabia are these the principle signs for Imam Mahdi? If not what are the real signs for the advent of Al-Mahdi?
@ 0:39:13 Answer in English
@ 0:43:37 Arabic Translation
@ 0:45:24 Answer Continues in English
@ 0:46:17 Arabic Translation
@ 0:46:59 Answer Continues in English
@ 0:51:03 Arabic Translation
@ 0:52:51 Answer Continues in English
@ 0:53:53 Arabic Translation
@ 0:54:25 Answer Continues in English
@ 1:03:05 Arabic Translatio

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