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Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV (rh).

Liqa Ma’al Arab held on 25 November 1994

A regular sitting of Arabic speaking friends with Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV(rh).(Fourth Successor to the Promised Messiah (as). Recorded on 25 November 1994 in English and Arabic.
@ 00:00 English Translation
@ 00:49 Question about two revelation of Promised Messiah (one is YUSSAMMUNA ALAIKA ABDALUS SHAAM WA SULHA UL ARAB and second BALA UDI MASHQ YAQUBUHOO BALAHU AAKHAR SIRRUKA SIRRI) what is the explanation and significance of these two revelation?
Q 1 Question about two revelations of Promised Messiah (one is “YUSSAMMUNA ALAIKA ABDALUS SHAAM WA SULHA UL ARAB” and second is “BALA UDI MASHQ YAQUBUHOO BALAHUN AAKHAR SIRRUKA SIRRI”) what are the significances and explanations of these two revelations?
@ 01:12 Arabic Translation
@ 01:38 Answer in English
@ 06:44 Arabic Translation
@ 10:00 Answer continues in English
@ 10:16 Arabic Translation
@ 10:38 English Translation
@ 10:55 Arabic Translation
@ 11:31 Question
Q 2 Why Muslim scholars don’t co-operate and why they are against Ahmadiyya Movement?
@ 11:44 Answer in English
@ 16:56 Arabic Translation
@ 18:51 Answer Continues in English
@ 28:56 Arabic Translation
@ 34:54 Question about individual Muslim in the Arab world some of them are very very pious and they follow Islam to the later and they says we understand the Holy Quran, we are Arabs we understands the holy Quran and we follow the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (saw) and they don’t see the need of joining Ahmadiya because they say we are alright and we don’t follow the corrupted leaders any way, so what can we tell them?
@ 35:21 Answer in English
@ 38:54 Arabic Translation
@ 41:59 Question Arabic Translation
@ 42:30 Question The question about Surah e Yusuf “And thus shall it be as thou hast seen, thy Lord will choose thee and teach the interpretation of things and perfect His favour upon thee and upon the family of Jacob as He perfected it upon two of thy forefathers Abraham and the Isaac. Verily, thy Lord is All Knowing, Wise.” What is the significance of this favor and is it the Nabuwa or something else? This is right, as mentioned in surah Fatiha”
@ 43:11 Answer in English
@ 48:13 Arabic Translation
@ 51:10 Answer Continues in English

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