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The Gulf War & The New World Order: Quotations from Sermons

Translated by Mubarak Ahmad Nazir
The Gulf War & The New World Order, pages 5-29, 1992

An Excerpt from “A note from the translator:”

“As I listen to the Urdu audio recordings of these sermons and compare them with this translation, my heart sinks at observing how much force and eloquence has been lost. The fact is that the dimension of the spiritual rhetoric of His Holiness is such that it defies all attempts at translation. Despite all possible efforts to maintain the unique style of Hazoor, I must admit that the book remains only a translation.”

Mubarak Ahmad Nazir
Calgary, Canada

An Excerpt from “Foreword”

“I thank my colleague Mr. Mubarak Ahmad Nazir who headed the team that translated these sermons into English. He must have spent countless hours on the translation and compilation of this work. He was most ably assisted by Mr. Saleem-ur-Rahman who devoted his valuable time in translations and review.”

August 27, 1992
Naseem Mahdi
President & Missionary In-charge
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat
Toronto – Canada

Quotations from Sermons

August 03, 1990

“I feel that this period of adversity and decline and these repeated miseries are the consequence of the Muslim denial of his Holiness – the Promised Messiah (as). There is no doubt about it. Therefore my message to you is that you should submit yourselves to the `Imam of the Age’. Accept that one, who was sent by God. He is the one who has the ability to lead you. Without him, separated from him, you are like a body which has no head. There may be apparent signs of life and the limbs may flutter. There is much painful fluttering, but the head which God has created for the guidance and leadership of the body is missing. So, turn back and establish your contact with the Divine Leadership. After denying the leadership established by God, no path of peace and prosperity is left open for you. The period of adversity has been long and painful. You should turn to God, repent, and seek His forgiveness. Let me assure you that to whatever extent the matters may have worsened, if you submit today before the leadership established by God, then not only will you rise as a great power in the world, but such a great movement of the new supremacy of Islam will be set in motion that no power in the world will be able to confront it and the progress which appears to spread over centuries will become a matter of years.”

“When you omit the word `Islam’ from the context of this conflict and portray an `Islamic problem’ as a regional problem, then God withdraws His helping hand. In the Quranic injunction there is no mention of any particular nation or group. The guidance which the Holy Quran has given, mentions the Muslims as a whole, and declares all of them as brothers of one another. Therefore, it is certainly not just an Arab problem. It is a problem which concerns the Islamic world.”

“The Islamic world has not followed the guidelines as enunciated in this verse of the Holy Quran regarding mutual disputes. If the Muslim states had tried to settle their mutual differences in light of this clear injunction of the Holy Quran, then the bloody and protracted war of attrition between Iraq and Iran could have been brought to a speedy end. The difficulty is, that decisions are taken on the basis of alliances, without giving consideration to the spirit of righteousness.”

August 17, 1990

“The non-Muslim nations are busy making tall claims in the name of justice, as if they have been appointed the sole custodians of justice in the world, and that justice would become extinct but for the might of these nations. On the other hand, Muslim countries are making tall claims in the name of Islam; but when you hold these claims – being made on either side – up for scrutiny, you discover that these are equally devoid of the elements of justice that are laid down by the Holy Quran.”

“But Iraq, too, is not fulfilling the obligations placed by the Islamic principles of justice. Islam does not allow, under any circumstances, to take hostages from among those foreign nationals who are living in your country, with whom you may even be at war. Nor does Islam allow you to use them as bargaining chips in any way; any act of wrongdoing against them is prohibited by Islam.”

“On the one hand they accuse Iraq of having an immoral position – and we agree that it is a violation of the Islamic principles of morality – but then, in the same breath, they themselves are being guilty of a glaring act of immorality that is only thinly disguised by diplomatic euphemisms. But, in reality, the cruelty that Iraq is being subjected to by the joint efforts of Britain and U.S., constitutes a crime whose horror exceeds the hypothetically feared potential execution of a few thousand Britons and Americans held in Iraq.”

“Where is justice? The Western world has adopted their own style of diplomacy – which in Islamic terminology would be called “duplicity” – reaching the utmost limits. They have promoted duplicity under the guise of diplomacy and politics to a degree that is unparalleled in human history. So their crimes are always in disguise, their language has lucidity, and their presentation – aided by propaganda – carries a semblance of rationality.

“My apprehension is that Iraq will be subjected to horrific revenge and it may be blown to bits. The fire of their revenge will not quench until they annihilate this up-and-coming Muslim country which is an exceptional force in this region. These ill-intentions were first conceived in Israel. I am convinced as a result of various Israeli statements that they were the harbinger of the current state of affairs. God alone knows how Iraq was lured into occupying Kuwait and then the whole sinister development ensued. But such incidents are seldom accidental. There are some underlying motives and some subterranean intrigues at work. There are the CIA agents and then there are indigenous traitors who meticulously perform the cryptic and surreptitious assignments designed to fulfil the wishes of Super Powers.”

August 24, 1990

“What is that disease? It is the founding of Israel and after that it is the continuous preferential treatment given to Israel by the West. Whenever there were two paths, and a question facing the West was whether to tread the path that led to the interest of Israel or to follow the path that led to the interest of the Arab Muslim world, then without exception, the West always followed the path which gave preference to Israel and discarded the interest of the Islamic world. The essence of this disease has been expressed by an Arab Poet in a simple couplet saying that:

“A man who dresses his dog well, but for me he thinks that my bare skin is enough to cover me. Without doubt, for him the dog is better than me, but for me, the dog is better than him.”

This is exactly the ultimate diagnosis of the disease. This attitude of the West has sunk into the heart of the Arab world and their analysis is based on the facts that the West will no doubt prefer to clothe even its dogs but will keep the Arabs nude and this situation is very true when you make a comparison between Israel and the Arab States.”

“So long as one does not cast a glance at the fundamental cause which gives rise to the development of the so-called “Nazism”, “Nasserism” or “Saddamism” – so long as the disease is not correctly diagnosed and attention is not paid to its treatment; such `heads’ will continue to surface one after the other. These `heads’ will continue to be severed and will continue to be a justification for the dismembering of other heads, and this sore will continue to ripen till that time when it might spill out of the control and power of the governments of the West! In fact the power which Saddam Hussein now brandishes is just a reflection of the past injustice and unprincipled stand of the West.”

November 9, 1990

“But Alas!, no attention was paid to our advice. The other Muslim Arab countries also failed to pay the least consideration to our plea. Little did they realise that they were acting in liaison with non-Muslim powers, bearing all the expenses of this cruel endeavour, to completely destroy and decimate a Muslim power, to entail elimination of peace for all times from this part of the world is threatened, but I can say with certainty to these States which are about to bear the expense of this war and those who have brought in mercenaries, that they will never be able to return to their past. Their condition will deteriorate, from bad to worse and peace in this region will vanquish for all times to come.”

November 16, 1990

“Therefore, the nations which see a danger in Iraq today, I can show them thousands of dangers spread throughout the world. If they are truly desirous of world peace then in accordance with my advice, they should become established on fairness; on the fairness of Islam which differentiates neither between East and West nor between North and South. Rather, keeping God in view it puts forward a concept of justice and fairness. If they will try to resolve their conflicts and the conflicts of the world according to this fairness then I assure you that the world can achieve peace. But this peace can be achieved through the affectionate hand of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sas) because he is the only Prophet who has been declared “a mercy” for all creation and who has been sent by God for the whole universe. So long as you do not extend your hand toward him; so long as you do not benefit from him, you cannot grant peace to the world.”

January 11, 1991

“So, whatever criticism has originated from me or will emanate from me, would be predicated on the noble moral principles of Islam. And it will be directed towards whoever is deserving of it – not with a view to hurting anybody’s feeling but in order to bring out the fact and illuminate the issues involved. In view of the aforesaid, whenever I deliver a critical commentary, I check out my innermost feelings and make it a point to never level criticism rooted in any prejudice. Rather I cleanse my heart, feeling the presence of God, and try to present the facts and state the truth. Such a dose of truth tastes bitter, to one group of people or another, at times, but it is involuntary on our part. We cannot give perpetually biased support to anyone. We shall always side with the truth and constantly lean towards the Word of God and the `Practice’ of the Holy Prophet of Islam. Whoever seeks our eternal friendship must befriend the Word of God, the Sunnah of The Holy Prophet, righteousness and the truth. In so doing, he will always find us by his side.”

“These Western nations are the same who present themselves as great animal-lovers, and use their news-media to raise concern about certain endangered species of animals, and make appeals to save them from extinction. But they themselves killed the Red Indian nations that spread throughout the continent, with such savagery that many of these nations are now completely annihilated. There is but a handful of these nations whose mention we now find in the Western history or in their literature. Now they are confined to the realm of their movies or their literature; otherwise most of the tribes are no longer in existence. The atrocities committed against them would need a long narrative. Then the plunder and pillage and colonization of the African Continent by the European nations is a case in point. How heinous were the atrocities committed against the African nations; how the hundreds of thousands of them were enslaved and sold as chattel! How forcibly slave labour was extracted from them. The U.S. had the greatest demand for these enslaved Africans who were sold as slaves to the American customers. The population profile of the U.S. today presents a grim reminder of this history of the U.S. in the form of existing generations of Black Americans. So, imagine a nation with such historical record to be clamouring today that it is motivated by its humanity and high morals to come to the help of the weak and restore the land of Kuwait to its people! It is claiming that it is forced to react against cruelty to humans because of its deep sense of “humanity and high moral values”. And if it did not intervene – it claims – then humanity would disappear from the face of the earth, and there would not remain any guarantee of peace for any poor and weak country in the world. If such sentiments are genuine, and if America has awakened to a new sense of sublime values – even though much too late – then why not apply these same values at home and relinquish the Red Indian land in their favour and return to your old country which was your ancestral land? If you say that to them, they will reply: What are you talking about? It was “another matter altogether”. Have you lost your mind? Obviously, one cannot argue with this `it-was- another-matter’ attitude.”

January 18, 1991

“Now, if the people of Iraq are going to be brutalized and punished for the wrong steps taken by President Saddam, then which decent citizen of this world, whether Muslim or not can be happy over this misery? Nobody who loves humanity and Islam can, in any case, be happy over this. But one is shocked to watch on the T.V., the lazy-rich Kuwaitis and Saudis, with their vaults full of money, listening to the radio bulletins of Iraq’s destruction, and gloating over it and laughing at it aloud.”

“As I pondered over the contemporary difficulties of the world of Islam, my attention was diverted to the hungry millions of the African continent who span vast areas and several countries. Humanity is dying of hunger in Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Chad and many other countries; and mankind is not mindful of this problem as a very human problem.”

January 25, 1991

“The weapon that Jesus Christ (as), gave to the Christian was that if he is slapped on one cheek then he should offer the other. This is the approach that was prescribed to wage spiritual battles. In practice, however, the Christians failed to grasp the meaning of this precept. As it was impracticable in every day life, they discarded it altogether…………When it is said that Islam was created to triumph over all other religions in the world, this does not imply that one should pick up the sword and behead those who reject Islam. It does not mean that the promise of peace is only in favour of those who bow their heads and accept Islam, and for the rest, the Muslims become a message of war and disorder. This principle does not appeal to wisdom, neither is it practicable in the world nor will it ever succeed. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community should always have sight of this important principle. When we talk of striving for and aiming to establish the supremacy of Islam over all mankind, we talk in the terminology taught to us by the Holy Quran and by Muhammad (sas). It is unrelated to the military terminology of the world.”

Definition of Jihad:

“The second question which is being frequently raised at the present time is about “Jihad”. Ahmadi Muslims from various countries ask me what reply should they give. Is this war a Jihad i.e. Holy- War according to the teachings of Islam? As far as the definition of the concept of Jihad in Islam is concerned, the most comprehensive definition has been given in the Chapter Al-Haj of the Holy Quran in the verse which I have mentioned a number of times. “Permission to fight is granted to those against whom war is made because they have been wronged.” (Al-Haj:40) That is, those people are granted permission to raise their sword against those who are engaged in fighting against them. They can raise their swords only against those who first commenced hostilities against them, not because of any justifiable cause but because they are oppressed and have been wronged. This verse develops this subject further and it is not possible to give a finer or more perfect definition of Jihad than this. If we apply this definition to the present situation then it is definitely not Jihad in the Islamic sense. It is a political war. A political war, whether it be between Muslims and non-Muslims or between one Muslim nation and another Muslim nation, does not become a Jihad . Only the war of an oppressed group which is being prevented from declaring its faith in God or which is fighting against religious persecution on itself can be called Jihad .”

“What programmes are the U.S. and the West preparing? On what powers do they rely? They talk of desert storm ! Little do they know that the real and dreadful storms are in the hands of God. I do not know what the decree of Allah will be but I do know for certain that the decree of Allah will eventually cause the destruction of the arrogant and the boastful. If not today, then tomorrow, this over bearing arrogance will be utterly destroyed. This is so, because to God belong the Kingdom of heaven and God’s Kingdom will certainly be established on earth also. So if not today, tomorrow, if not tomorrow then the day after, you will see that this arrogance will be destroyed and erased from the world. The storms they started will turn on them, and in fulfilment of God’s decree, those storms will be so violent and ferocious that their combined collective forces will be annihilated and crushed into oblivion. Existing unjust system will be destroyed. You must remember this and remain steadfast. Remember and do not ever forget that these obsolete powers which in effect constitute what is known as the United Nations today use means and pursue policies which cannot last. These nations will disappear and become national relics of bitter memories from which lessons can be drawn. It is from their ruins, that YOU O’ worshipper of the Unity of Allah, Yes, it is YOU! who will build a new structure; YOU will erect a magnificent and lofty building for a new United Nations which will reach up to the heavens. O’ servants of Messiah of Muhammad (sas), it is YOU to whom has been granted this task. You will see it, if not today, then tomorrow; if you see it not, your future generations will certainly see it. These are the words spoken by Allah and His decree cannot be altered in the world. You are the workers who have to build these new structures. The foundation of the new United Nations have already been laid in heaven. It is YOU – who have to build from the foundation and raise the building to a great height. You must not ever erase names of those workers i.e. Hazrat Abraham (as) and Hazrat Ishmael (as) from your hearts. Always remember them and continue to exhort your future generations as follows: O’ workers in the cause of Allah remain firm in the path of righteousness, honesty, sincerity and the Unity of Allah. Let that Unity enter into every vein and fibre of your being and continue this glorious work of construction; if necessary continue it into the next century, and into the century after that, until this building reaches its completion. I assure you that, whether you can see it with your worldly eyes or not, the eyes of my soul see these events today. My eyes see these great changes as if they are happening before me. After our deaths our souls will be made aware of them.”

February 01, 1991

Mr. Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister of U.K. is among the greatest living personalities in Britain who are endowed with foresight and political acumen as well as extensive political experience. He has consistently held that our present political leadership is practising deception upon us, and that this war is extremely selfish, brutal and foolish for, according to him, it will produce horrifying evil consequences in the post-war era.”

February 08, 1991

“This historical background shows that the Western powers accepted the right of the Jews to carry out terrorism and that these activities of the Jews were not to be termed as “Jewish Terrorism”. On the other hand, the Muslim countries are not even allowed to retaliate to protect their territorial and political interests, and if they do so then not only are they censured but even Islam is slandered and such efforts are maliciously termed “Islamic Terrorism”. The other rights and privileges which appear to have been accorded to the Jews are that:

  1. 1. The Jews have the right to defy the Security Council resolutions and they even have the right to regard these resolutions with contempt, reject them or toss them into the proverbial trash can. Yet no country has the right to condemn this behaviour.
  2. 2. Israel has the right to alter the geographical boundaries of its neighbouring countries on the pretext of its security considerations.
  3. 3. Israel has the right to produce and stockpile atomic bombs and other nuclear devices. It can even manufacture chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.

No one seems to have the right, particularly Muslim countries, even to criticize Israel for indulging in such activities.”

“But Syria is in real danger and may likely be the next victim of their designs. This country has recently emerged as a military power. It would be a colossal misconception, indeed a folly, on the part of Syria if it thinks that it would be spared because of its alignment with the Western powers in the current war against Iraq. As long as Israel stands as a power at its borders, Syria cannot be secure.”

February 15, 1991

“The prime responsibility of this war thus lies with the U.S., although Saddam has only been made a tool. As for Saddam’s share of responsibility for this war, there are certain elements in view of which we are obliged to admit that he had little or no other choice. The responsibility of the allies is quite obvious, and the worst part of it is that this has been done to achieve certain petty objectives. All the allies had a vested interest in this war. The Israeli part of responsibility for this war is that the entire plot was hatched by Israel, and as I have pointed earlier, from the Israeli point of view, there couldn’t possibly have been a better time. A rapidly expanding Muslim force which could have proven a great threat to Israeli interests during war was intended to be pulverised in such a classical manner that the instruments of destruction were partly financed by Muslim countries and partly by some allies. The manpower being happily provided by the Americans, the British or the Arabs – all this to achieve the objectives of Israel. As a by-product of this War, Israel may also have the excuse to occupy certain other parts or parcels of land and later collect a “booty” of many billions of dollars. Israel further reserves the right to target a half-dead Iraq, (God forbid) and extract vengeance at its convenience. So Israel has been the greatest beneficiary of this war and therefore it must assume the greatest responsibility. The United Nations is also responsible for it. When members of Parliament were being purchased in Pakistan, then a political term gained currency, it was called “horse-trading”. What was happening was indeed horse-trading but one wondered what was the origin of this term which meant the purchasing of votes of the Members of Parliament to gain political advantage. But looking at the behaviour of the U.S. government one can easily see that the idea must have originated in America, for the way they have purchased votes in the United Nations is clearly horse-trading. So if the United Nations has degenerated into an Organization which can be easily bought by rich nations to serve their interests then it becomes a heinous crime. Indeed it is suicidal and it robs this Organization of International trust for ever.”

“It is sheer emotionalism and ignorance that you should hate the British or hate the Americans. These are only the ravings of madmen. Hate can never triumph in this world. It is the high virtues which eventually emerge as victorious. The code of conduct of the Holy Prophet (sas) succeeds, because that is the conflict of the best behaviour. If the Muslims were to adopt that code of conduct it would be an exemplary charter for the whole world. Such code of conduct is invincible. No power on earth can eclipse the code of conduct of the Holy Prophet (sas). So revert to that code of justice and adopt that precept, then the entire problems of this world can be resolved, and that genuine new revolution can start, creating a heaven on earth! If you do not accept that, then you would continue to fight and this world would continue to face trials and tribulations.”

“Twenty five million African people are on the brink of death, as a result of hunger. And this is an estimate made by the United Nations. If it costs two dollars per day to provide food for one African person to keep him or her alive then only 1.5 billion dollars are needed to keep 25 million Africans alive for one whole year. Now you imagine that those who have no mercy for 25 million people – those who are raining down death and destruction on 16 million Iraqis by spending tons of money are raising hue and cry at the death of a few birds! This is nothing but mere deception and mischief. If the allies had an iota of human compassion, they would first attend to the human lives. They would have attended to the poor Africans and people of other countries who are dying of hunger and attempted to remove the economic imbalance. These 25 million starving Africans could have had two hearty meals for one complete year for only 1.5 billion dollars. But they continue to spend one billion dollars each day to rain down death and destruction upon human beings and cannot spend this one billion dollars for a period of nine months to promote life – and imagine that this amount will sustain the life of 25 million people!!…..”

“They have lost the sense of balance of their values, and this has been going on for a-long time. They are willing to mortify human beings in favour of dogs. They are unwilling to sacrifice their petty self-interest for the welfare of humanity. So they are completely and fully involved in the criminal responsibility of this war. If they would not be held accountable today, then definitely tomorrow would hold them to account.”

Jews – victims to tyranny and persecution in Europe

“….But the fact remains that the Jews were certainly justified in saying that the Christian Western world subjected the Jews to such sustained horrifying cruelties that have no parallel in history. The crusades which began in the year 1095 started from France and it was probably Lord Godfrey of Bouillon who took the lead. When he and other French monarchs embarked on this campaign or the first crusade they thought of performing an act of “charity” before embarking upon such a momentous task. So Godfrey of Bouillon put forward the idea that the best charity is to avenge the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (as) by slaughtering all the Jews. Just as the Muslims have an institution of offering animal sacrifice or charity before they proceed to accomplish important tasks, similarly their idea took the form of a genocide in France. We do not find many examples of an unarmed nation being subjected to such extreme cruelties in the entire human history. So this was the so-called “act of charity” that they performed before embarking upon the first crusade. Then this became a common practice, and for the next two hundred years that before embarking on each crusade, the Jews would be randomly slain as an act of charity!”

February 22, 1991

“From another angle it would be more accurate to say that Israel, and not President Bush brought the world to heel, and that the United States itself has joined the pack, at the heel of the hunter. This gives a more accurate picture and the world views the recent events in this perspective.”

“Thus in destroying an imaginary Hitler in Saddam, the Americans and their allies are in fact fostering the state of Israel which has assumed the posture of a real Hitler. How ignorant and devoid of inner vision is the West? Does it not realize that it was Israel which is the first place called Saddam and the Palestinians as Hitler? By raising the Hitler-bogey, the West is patronizing a “Hitler” and if they do not realize, the future will reveal what Israel’s motives are and how Israel will treat the United States and the West.”

The United Nations

“I ask the Muslims, the Arabs and the world: What is the use of this United Nations? The United Nations only serves the interest of the rich and powerful nations. What is the use of such a U.N., the constitution of which permits the powerful nations to make others the victims of their cruelty and yet not allow them to raise their voice of protest. If they somehow manage to introduce such a resolution, it is vetoed and the big powers, through their tout, continue perpetrating cruelty. They virtually rule the world and govern the destinies of the nations. In the name of the United Nations, the rich and the strong punish the Arabs and Muslims with impunity and inflict cruelties and atrocities on them. But when the friends of these powerful nations transgress, no punishment is meted out and only weak and ineffectional protest resolutions are passed.”

“In Vietnam, the greatest and strongest world power was humbled by a small and poor country which was a great psychological blow to this Super Power. The United Nations was determined at any cost to redeem its honour and to restore its self respect and pride and its image as the world’s greatest military power. But the truth is that a broken back seldom gets fully restored and cured. To date, the U.S. has rained four times as many bombs upon Iraq as in Vietnam and the fight still goes on.”

“What is happening today is a repetition of that mournful tale of sordid history. I don’t know what the future will bring or when the tide of history will turn and the arrogant and the mighty humbled, but I do know that Allah will in due course, humiliate and humble the arrogant. I can assure the United States of America that it cannot restore its back that was broken in Vietnam by inflicting indignities and atrocities on Iraq. The back of United States of America broken in Vietnam will remain broken. The United States can gouge great and deep craters in the earth by exploding 2,500,000 tons of explosives. In those deep craters and ditches the reputation and good name of United States of America will remain buried in disgrace for ever. As time goes on, these barbaric deeds will become more and more manifest and the reputation of United States will be sullied and stained beyond redemption. It may well be that because of the overwhelming might of United States of America at the present, few critics may venture to proclaim their misdeeds and atrocities for fear of reprisals. However, these acts against humanity will not disappear or fade, but with the passage of time these will become more obvious and pronounced, and future generations will read with horror and abomination that a so-called civilised nation could commit and condone such dark and wicked deeds. The United States must see itself as others see it and take great care to avoid becoming the moral outcast of the 20th century.”

“One good aspect of the U.S. in Vietnam war was that this time it did not go around with a begging bowl for financial support to wage a war. In Vietnam, the U.S. spent $120 billion to fight that war for eight and a half years, and for this it relied entirely on its own resources. $120 billion is a vast sum. But the present war is being waged entirely on foreign money – money collected from other parties. When such an example has been set of waging a war that is entirely financed by others, there remains no guarantee of world peace. It is as if, the United States had leased out its armed forces. It smacks of a mercenary force. That could mean that the destiny of poor countries will be solely in the hands of the rich ones. The rich and the powerful nations can demand contributions and financial resources from the poor ones and hire mercenaries to wage war on them, killing, maiming and destroying them. This precedent is indeed dangerous. Besides, an element of greed is associated with this type of war. When its results are made known, the other European nations too, will be motivated to reap benefits by waging a similar war. Great havoc and damage has been inflicted on Iraq and Kuwait. The U.S. has been paid vast sums of money to bring about such destruction, and it will be paid huge sums of money for repairing the damage done by its forces. The U.S. is paid to destroy and then paid to repair and re-construct. Thus the U.S. plays two roles, the demolisher as well as the restorer. Paid for destruction – and paid much more for restoration.”

March 01, 1991

“So long as the Islamic world does not establish the system of Islamic Justice, it does not adopt the Quranic concept of Justice, it can neither present Justice to the world nor should expect Justice from world!”

“The solution of all the problems of today is the revival of this spirit in politics. This will bring back to life a dying humanity. If this spirit survives, wars will be doomed. But if this spirit is allowed to die, fire of wars is sure to get rekindled, and then there will be no power on earth to extinguish them.”

“Muslims claim one set of rules for themselves and a completely different set of rules for non-Muslims. Superior rights are reserved for the Muslims while the non-Muslims are deprived of every such right! If God forbid, this is the Quranic principle, the whole world would naturally loathe it and would consider the Muslims as a threat to world peace. Therefore, it is not fair to blame only the others for their excesses on Muslims. We should look inwards as well and see why these excesses are being committed and see how a shrewd enemy is using the very weapons manufactured by Muslims themselves against them. It is a fact that factories of such lethal weapons are functioning in Muslim countries and are being run by the Mullahs. These weapons are being `exported’ in large quantities to other countries where in turn these are used against the Muslim countries.”

Which ears will listen to this advice? Which hearts will be moved and triggered into action? If the entire moral, economic and political foundation is unstable, if the very ideology is deteriorated, if the motives are rotten, no correct advice will produce healthy effects on anyone I have given advice to affluent nations, that for the sake of God, they should safeguard their motives, which have demons and wolves lurking in their intentions. The decisions on the fate of the world is decided by such motives. Their diplomatic craftiness cannot subjugate their motives, rather they stimulate them; so on the other hand I advise Muslim countries and those of the Third world that for the sake of God, search into your motives.”

March 08, 1991

“History’s view of Vietnam has always been and shall always be that in this modern age, the United States of America, downing the cloak of civilization, unjustly attacked an extremely weak and poor nation, and continued raining death and destruction upon it for eight and a half years. Such hideous bombardment was rained down upon them, that village after village and entire regions were made desolate. They cannot, therefore, ever erase the memory of Vietnam because the world will not permit them to forget it. And now to this has been added the tyranny perpetrated upon Iraq.”

“The advanced or developed nations, outwardly profess that dictatorship must be brought to and end. But in reality it is dictatorship alone which suits them in enslaving the Third world countries because wherever there is dictatorship, internal dangers start developing. To safeguard against such dangers external allies have to be found and these external allies are found as just I have already mentioned. Then, so long as things are done in accordance with their wishes, they provide the needed support. When something is done against their wishes, this `support’ crumbles by itself. This is the ignominy to which the Third world is prey. It is high time that we make use of our wits. Now that a new era of imperialism has started posing extreme dangers, it is essential for the preservation of our national independence, freedom, self respect and for leading a life of dignity amongst the comity of nations, that we reflect deeply on all such matters, and act with swiftness.”

“When nations become prey to such vices, then why lament that we are dying and that vultures are sitting next to us, awaiting our death. A disease develops from within you, for your death, and that disease invites bacteria. It is true that diseases develop from bacteria, but it is a fact that bacteria can do no harm to a healthy body. Therefore, a disease develops from within and not from the outside. When a body no longer has any power left to resist a disease then these bacteria thrive and take control of the body and when their control becomes complete, death becomes inevitable, and the flocking of vultures to chew upon the carcass is a natural sequence of events which has to happen afterwards. The truth of the matter is, that this is a law of nature from which no power can safeguard you, if you do not decide to change yourself today. Thus, before you reach this stage, where your corpses are left in the open fields for others to draw lessons from, or are interred in graves, if you decide today you will make the moral values and the teachings, as expounded by the Holy Master Hazrat Muhammad (sas), as your plan of action and you resolve to protect human values and strive to restore and re-establish those lost values, then this is the only way of salvation for you from a life of disgraceful enslavement by others. Besides this, there is no other way.”

“No evil should be perpetrated in the name of Islam in the future. The concept of terrorism should be removed from the vocabulary of the Muslims. To do mischief and to cause pain to others just to keep some issues alive is a despicable act. These things have nothing to do with Islam. Become peaceful yourselves. Rectify your own relations first. Build up your relationships with the other nations and wait with patience. Then you will see how the plans of God will frustrate the evil designs of every other nations.”

An Appeal (March 01, 1991)

“I appeal not only to the Muslim countries but to the Eastern world, Africans and South Americans, that after you have experienced all this, I implore you to please become aware and take decision to change your own fate. The period of humiliation and degradation has been long. Now come out of this nightmare. For your enemies and the Super Powers there could be a cheerful conception of a New World Order, but for the Third world nations no other nightmare could be more dreadful. If you want to be the builders of the New World Order, then start caring for, and fashioning your own dreams. Try to learn the noble ways of transforming your dreams into deeds and actions. No nation can be free until it is economically free. The first step towards economic advancement is to safeguard your ego and self-respect. This will not be possible until and unless a campaign for austere lifestyle is adopted in the Third world countries.”